The New Messenger Bags

     Well, our supplier is relentless.  I honestly don't know where this lady gets her ambition from, but every time there is new product available that we could add to our website she is right on it.  Suddenly I have an email complete with product description, stock availability and product photos.  Fantastic!

     The latest on the "New and Exciting" front are the messenger bags, which come in small and large in a variety of primary colors.  I was skeptical at first, they look a bit dorky in the photo with the super long handles, but I ordered up some samples so we could check them out.

     When I took them out of the box I thought, "Hmmm... people are always asking for a bag with a handle that will go over their shoulder".  While most of our totes lack this particular feature, the messenger bags have it covered!  The bag is made from 12 oz cotton canvas, so it's heavy duty enough to carry whatever you need to carry.  The bag is also sized well, the small not too small and the large still not so large you wouldn't be able to carry it when full.  But the handles!  Oh the handles are long enough to be worn cross-body (even on me, and I'm not tiny!).  Certainly not the best choice for anyone who carries their tote by hand at their side, the bag would drag the ground, but absolutely perfect for those folks looking to sling it over a shoulder or across their body and go.  

     The color selection does leave a bit to be desired, at this point it's just the standard black, natural, royal, navy and red.  But who knows?  If they prove to be popular maybe we will task our own manufacturer with making some in different colors!  In fact, if we do that maybe we'll check into adding a top zipper or an inside pocket too... could be the first Cheaptotes version of a purse!  

     All in all we are pretty excited about the possibilities for these bags. 

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