5 Liter Dry Bag

     I am honestly puzzled as to why this product hasn't taken off.  We added these a few months ago after coming across them as a new product on one of our supplier websites.  Skeptical at first, we decided to test them out when the order came in. 

     We filled one of these bags with water and left it hanging on a doorknob in our shop for well over a month.  It never leaked!  We put stuff in one a sloshed it around in a sink full of water... everything was just as dry as when we put it in there.  Not a single drop of water penetrated this bag.

     If I had not seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it, but these cheap little bags are pretty darn cool!  Do you like kayaking, but have nightmares about your ridiculously expensive phone going in the drink?  Simple!  Stick it in a dry bag, roll the top down twice and click!  Now you can play monkey in the middle with your phone without a care in the world!  They are also brightly colored to prevent misplacing your valuables.

     One of our crew members wanted to fill one up with ice and "beverages" and tie it to a tube and float down the river.... as far as I know he hasn't tried it yet so I can't vouch for any cooler like qualities the product may or may not have, but I can certainly tell you it is water proof!  

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