Why Your Wedding Guests Need Their Own Gift Tote Bag

gift tote bag

By now it is common knowledge that shopping with a re-usable tote bag to rather than a single use plastic bag, is far better for the environment, as well as more cost effective and way less wasteful. In fact, each year one trillion plastic bags are used only a single time. That’s equal to 2 million per minute. As awareness grows of just how wasteful shopping with plastic bags is, more and more consumers are choosing to replace the inefficient, harmful plastic grocery bags with their own re-usable heavy duty canvas totes.

Of course, not all tote bags are created equal, and when they hold important memories from a special event along with the groceries, they make shopping in an environmentally friendly manner even more fun and appealing. So, when planning your wedding, corporate event, reunion or any big celebration you should consider supplying your guest’s goodies in a gift tote bag. A gift tote bag will not only handily hold any wedding or celebration guest favors in an attractive, customized package, but will also provide guests an environmentally responsible and re-usable bag good for shopping, beach days, and a variety of other uses.

Today, customizable printed canvas tote bags are easily available online, with certain web sites even offering wholesale bags and totes in endless colors and styles. Ordering wedding tote bags? Include the date and the names of the happy couple in the special colors of the day. Having an especially big party? Many sites offer perks for bulk orders, like free shipping when ordering over a certain amount of merchandise.

If you’re having a destination wedding or any kind of celebration that gathers guests together from around the world, they’ll be happy to have their gift tote bag to either easily fold up and store in their suitcases or that could double as a carry on to help bring souvenirs back home. And once home, those gift tote bags won’t go to waste. Especially if you invest in heavy duty canvas bags, your guests will be using them not just for groceries but also on the boat, beach, gym or library to fill with their summer reading.

However, your guests use their gift tote bag, you’ll know that they’ll be thinking of you and the memories you made together on your special day. And of course, all that in addition to saving the environment and preventing the costly waste involved in using plastic bags! So don’t wait, look into ordering gift totes for your next special event now.

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