Wedding Party Totes are the Gift That Won't End Up in a Drawer

These days, savvy spouses are always on the lookout for bridal party gifts that will look beautiful on the day, but will also provide some use to wedding party members and not wind up at the bottom of a junk drawer. If you're looking for wedding favors for your bridal party, heavy duty canvas bags emblazoned with your wedding date, wedding hashtag, or any other number of fun things might be the perfect blend of function and fashion to give your wedding party something they'll love. Today, we'll be talking about some of the benefits of tote bags for weddings, and ways that they can be utilized on your big day.

They're Useful on the Day

When a bridal squad is on the move on a wedding day, there are so many things that need to be transported from place to place, it can be impossible to get it all in a single armload. Bridesmaids are carrying garment bags, shoes, replacement clothing, hangover kits, emergency sewing supplies...the list goes on and on. Heavy duty canvas bags that delineate your bridesmaids as part of the wedding squad will not only help them feel special on the day of, but will also give them a place to stash their individualized goodies to make sure things don't get lost in the shuffle as you move from location to location.

They're Customizable

One of the reasons that wedding favors often don't see much use after an event is because wedding party members might feel awkward about the conversations that get started when they try to reuse their bag at the grocery store and are asked about the couple's name for a wedding that wasn't theirs. Instead, why not customize your tote bags with something that will make each bridal party member feel special. If you don't want to personalize them with their names, another cute idea is how you two met. These personal details will not only make bridal party members feel like their relationship matters to you, but will also help them keep their belongings apart (which can be especially helpful after a glass or two of champagne).

They're Budget-Friendly

While bridal magazines may swing for the fences at the idea of bridal party gifts that costs hundreds, custom wedding tote bags are an option that can be beautiful at any budget. If you want to spend money on your bridal party, consider taking the money that you saved by getting them a more affordable and useful gift and use that money to have an experience that you and your bridal party can share together. Not only will this allow you to make fun memories together, but doing something like that will still ultimately cost less than shelling out for something like expensive jewelry to thank your bridal party for being in your wedding.

They're Genuinely Useful

Perhaps most importantly of all, heavy duty canvas bags are an exceptional idea for bridal party gifts because they serve a variety of uses that can be as unique as your bridal party themselves. Reusable shopping bags are increasing in popularity every year, especially with the average reusable bag having the lifespan of more than 700 plastic shopping bags, which means that you and your bridal party can know that you made a positive impact on the environment. Or, if your bridesmaid isn't much of a shopper, these versatile gift totes can also be used to carry library or school books, clothes for overnight trips, or anything that the user might need.

Whether you're looking into the idea of custom gift totes because of their impact on sustainability, their cost-effectiveness, or their practicality, there's no denying that these heavy duty canvas bags can be a solution that exists at the crossroads of comfort and beauty. From there, the only limit is your imagination. If you'd like to talk about options for customizing totes for your wedding party, contact one of our representatives. Our customer service team is dedicated to finding the right option for your big day, as well as exploring custom options that are right for your wedding aesthetic and budget.

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