Thinking Outside The Bag: 4 Creative Uses For Tote Bags

wholesale bags and totesIn a world where cute and clever craft ideas are just a Pinterest search away, people have taken to DIY projects like bees to honey. The excess of information and imagination allows even the most ordinary things to possess magical potential. With the right supplies and determination, plain wholesale bags and totes can transform before your eyes. Let's take a look at four creative uses for heavy duty canvas totes.

  • Gift Bags: Everybody loves freebies! Customizing gift tote bags allows your guests -- whether they're from a birthday party, a wedding, or a girl's night out -- to take home a little memento from the evening. Kids can use it to store their extra stuff during sleepovers, and adults can even use them as wine carriers! Grab some paint, stencils, and see what theme you can create.

  • Beach Bags: Sand gets everywhere, but keeping an inexpensive yet durable tote bag on hand protects your car and home from its coarse granules. Just as with the gift bags, you have free reign on decorations; paint some birds flying over a seascape, or just draw a bottle of beer nestled in the sand.

  • Carry-On Luggage: It's easy to overbuy souvenirs when you're on vacation. Our recommendation? Bring a few heavy duty canvas bags tucked in your luggage on your way, then pull them out when you're headed home -- the extra space will expand the amount you can carry by a lot.

  • Grocery Bags: Did you know that the average reusable bag has a lifespan similar to 700 plastic bags? With more attention than ever being paid to our environment, it's vital that we do what we can -- like swapping out plastic for canvas -- when we can. Tote bags make long-lasting, durable replacements.

By purchasing wholesale bags and totes for everyday activities and situations like those mentioned above, you can make day-to-day life just a little bit more special. Best of all, these projects can be undertaken as a family; have your kids pick the colors and make a few designs, and help them turn an average white canvas tote bag (or black canvas tote) into a work of art.

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