Production Time

We understand that many of the totes we print are for events, meetings or promotional purposes that have a set date.  However, we are very upfront on our website that orders simply cannot be printed on a moments notice.  We are a small company and there are only so many hours in a day.  Print jobs have to be scheduled in a way that is fair to every customer.  When we are able to pull off a super rush job, we do.  But if you wait until the absolute last minute to place your order at a time when our production schedule is full, you must understand that your order can't be put in front of others who ordered before you. 

When a virtual proof is approved the order is scheduled for the production timeline that was selected.  Standard production is 10 business days, rush production is 5 business days.  Ordering rush production does not entitle you to production of 1 or 2 business days just because you need the order that quickly.  As I said, if we can do it we will, if we can't, we can't. 

Orders in production are printed in order of their ship dates.  We try very hard to stay ahead so we can accommodate the occasional last minute customer, but sometimes it is just not possible to get orders out early.  Contacting customer service everyday to check the status of your order will not get it completed any faster, the only thing we can tell you is that it will ship on or before the ship date you were given.  Have no fear, when your order ships you will get an email with tracking information.

Last minute situations are stressful for everyone, us included, so we recommend that you place your orders at least 15 business days in advance of when you need the bags to avoid expedited production and/or shipping services.  When you place your order be sure to enter an email address and phone number that you can be reached at, and that you monitor regularly.  These are the only ways we have to contact you about your order, and if we can't reach you with the virtual proof or any questions your order has to just sit there until we hear from you. 

We hope this has been helpful.  We want your experience with our company to be as stress free as possible, so help us help you and place your orders in plenty of time!

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