Holiday Sales

Well it's that time of year again.  Retail goes insane with Deals! Sales! Merry-Merry, Happy-Happy, spend your money all day every day!  Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising and special pricing, sale flyers, junk emails and various other bits of marketing genius that are engineered toward separating you from your expendable funds. 

Being a small business means two things for us.  First, we can't possibly keep up with the level of marketing most retailers put out this time of year.  Second, we value our family time and wish to enjoy our Holidays just like everyone else.  We do a sale, it's just not this gigantic extravaganza blowout sale that requires our employees to remain at work around the clock from the time they pack up the turkey leftovers until St. Nick makes his rounds.

In fact, I just put the finishing touches on this year's "Event".  I wanted to do The 12 Days of Christmas, but I honestly couldn't come up with 12 different discount ideas.  (When you maintain the cheapest prices on the internet it's difficult to find room to give discounts, just in case you didn't know.)  I came up with the "5 Days of Christmas Spectacular" instead.  5 days, 5 different coupon codes that will be posted on a banner on our website and on our Facebook page.

What is the best part, you ask?  That it begins on Dec. 2 and runs through Dec. 6, of course!  No Thanksgiving evening or Black Friday money making schemes here.  We will be home for the Holiday weekend, doing Holiday type things and enjoying ourselves.  After all, how could acquiring more stuff possibly be better than sitting with Grandpa, having dessert with Grandma, or watching the children snore peacefully after a long day of too much food and excitement?  

Enjoy your Holiday season friends, we definitely will!   

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