Heavy Duty Tote Bags: A Great Promotional Product Idea

heavy duty tote bags

Want to spread the word about your group or business? Promotional heavy duty tote bags are just one part of a thriving promotional products industry in the United States. The interest in eco friendly materials has led to many promotional items being made in 100% cotton. Available in lots of colors, items can be customized with the logo of your group. And heavy duty tote bags are such an on-trend item. With U.S. retailers footing the bill to the tune of about $4 billion for plastic bags that are harmful to the environment, tote bags are a great, eco friendly choice. Here are some other occasions when promotional items such as heavy duty tote bags would work for your organization.

1. Team Fundraising 

Maybe it’s a sports team, or a glee club...whatever the fundraising event, a black canvas tote, white canvas tote bag, or red canvas bag with a promotional t-shirt inside is a great way of spreading the word about your group or organization. They are available in 100% cotton or also in poly-cotton blends. An added novelty is the option of compressed t-shirts. These can be packaged in a shape that reflects the message of your group, making them enjoyable to open and adding to the overall fun of the product.

2. Back to School Welcome Packet 

Along with heavy duty tote bags, drawstring backpacks are one of the most practical and serviceable promotional items. Young and old alike enjoy using a backpack, and when made from 100% cotton or a cotton poly-blend, they are washable and reusable. Emblazoned with a logo, they become a trendy way to let the world know about your group.

3. Business Promotions and Advertising 

Use heavy duty tote bags to promote your business, and include a cap for extra visibility! Caps are a great conversation starter. Promotional caps can get people interested in your message and increase awareness about what your business is all about. Colorful and was able, kids and seniors and everyone in between all enjoy wearing a cap.

4. Weddings, Baby Showers, and Parties 

Custom promotional heavy duty wedding tote bags are a fantastic selection if you're looking for a way to display a message about a newly married couple! Or, what about a graduation party? Retirement party, or baby shower? You could even include some customized towels in the tote bag as a souvenir of the special event! 

A heavy duty tote bag is a fabulous promotional idea. Made of eco friendly material, it is a fun surprise when opened and can give your group great visibility. If folks have not yet heard of your group, or cause, the tote bag may inspire someone to ask what you’re all about. Practical and popular, heavy duty tote bags for promotional purposes or a special occasion can get the message across in a creative way that will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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