Green Ideas For Guest Goodie Bags

gift tote bags

When you're planning a major event or party, it's nice to put something together for guests to take home. However, many people choose wasteful options for their guest goodie bags, and the overall impact on the environment can add up quickly. Here are a few green ideas to make sure your guest goodie bags are environmentally friendly.

Recycled Materials

Every year, one trillion single-use plastic bags are used, equating to 2 million per minute. Most of the time, these bags end up in the trash, since most plastic bags actually can't be recycled. Instead, look to use easily recycled materials when you're putting together a bag for guests. You can include these materials in your packaging or even as part of the small gifts you're giving away as well. This will ensure your well-intentioned give-away doesn't do more harm than good.

Seed Paper

Planning on including a thank you note or another message with your guest bags? Print it out on seed paper. This unique type of stationary has seeds (usually wildflower seeds) within the paper. All your guests have to do is plant the stationary, water, and watch as the flowers grow. This way, you can feel good about the stationary you're including, knowing you're giving back to the environment at the same time.

Reusable Gift Tote Bags

When you're putting together your goodie bags, don't forget about how you're packaging them. Most people default to plastic or other disposable materials, but you can use reusable gift tote bags as an alternative. Heavy duty canvas bags are incredibly useful even after people have used up the rest of the items in their goodie bag. You can even order custom wedding tote bags with you and your spouse's name on them for a bit of extra flair.

Guest goodie bags don't have to be harmful to the environment, particularly if you make use of gift tote bags when you're putting yours together. Making use of reusable or recyclable elements in your guest bags helps reduce the environmental impact of your party or event. For more information on heavy duty tote bags and ideas on how you can use yours, contact CheapTotes today.

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