Gift Totes Are A Royal Idea

gift totes

If there's one thing that has become increasingly obvious in today's world, it is that trends catch on faster than ever. To that end, it shouldn't surprise anybody that tote bags are popping up in grocery stores, becoming a popular souvenir at weddings, and are representing more businesses than ever when it comes to a unique parting statement. So, if there was ever a time to be stocked up on gift tote bags for weddings and other occasions, it would be right now. After all, anybody giving away gift totes during the next special occasion will join some royal company.

Gift Totes Are All The Rage For Royalty

It isn't just your sister who is giving away an adorable gift tote during her special day. Even royalty is getting in on the act, as BBC News shared that Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank commemorated their special day with wedding tote bags so popular that they dominated eBay searches. Additionally, these bags contained other mementos marking the occasion, which represents another creative outlet for couples to impress guests.

Not long after Princess Eugenie turned heads, Page Six shared that Meghan Markle followed suit by providing gift totes for her friends at her baby shower. Serena Williams and Amal Clooney were among the guests who received totes filled with candles, body products, and other goodies. Although the shindig was hosted at a luxurious penthouse, expectant mothers can proudly replicate the event in their own setting.

When royalty isn't giving away gift totes at special occasions, they are often spotted carrying them, themselves. People Magazine was all too happy to point out that Kate Middleton has been rocking a tote bag since before they were even fashionable. Though her tote-toting started before she was royalty, Middleton has continued this trend even after joining the ranks.

The right gift tote bag can make anyone's special occasion a little more royal. And, it can be an incredible seller for any business, too. With the average guest list at a wedding reaching a staggering 136 people, a single event can be a boon for a prepared company. One of the best parts about gift totes is that there are endless possibilities. Will that animal loving couple go with a regal selection from the jungle, or simply honor their furry best friend? What color will a business choose to represent their company, for all the world to see? Regardless of the decisions, a tote bag can make a major statement.

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