Cheaptotes Thanks You!

We've all been thrown for a pretty good loop these last few months with the pandemic and all that entails.  In the beginning we didn't realize just how much we would be effected, but it became clear quickly.  No events, no weddings, no reunions, no promotional gatherings..... no totes!  We are always grateful for our wonderful customers who order every year and tell their friends about us, but without the ability to gather, our orders dropped off sharply.  It hurts a small business more than most can imagine, and it's really hard to think of what the future might hold. 

But it also showed us the value of gatherings.  All those times when you're surrounded by people you love, people you haven't seen in a long time, or people with an interest in something you're interested in.  It's pretty cool that we get to be involved in all of those wonderful times out there in the big wide world!  We are so proud that each and every one of our customers chose us to help with their totes, it's quite an honor! 

Now that things are starting to happen again, we are picking back up and glad for it.  I just wanted to take a minute to send out a thankful vibe to everyone.  We hope you are well.  We hope you are healthy.  We hope that you are on your way to be with people in places that you love.  And most of all... we hope you have a tote to carry everything you need. 

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