A Wedding To Remember: 3 Fun Things To Add To Your Guests’ Goodie Bags

wedding tote bagsEverybody loves a wedding. Even if you don't necessarily get along with all of the attendees, there are so many things to balance out the fun: great food, bottomless liquor, and -- best of all -- free swag! Couples love to hand out mementos of their glorious day to create a lasting impression. Whether they're themed or practical, every single one of those guests will be excitedly digging in to see what they got. Let's take a look at three of the most popular items.

  • More booze: Alcohol truly is a social lubricant. In the right amounts, it can encourage your guests to chat with their tablemates, make new friends, and even get their dance on! Mini liquor bottles are also relatively inexpensive, and (especially if you're holding a themed wedding) can be customized to suit the mood: choose white rum for a tropical wedding and tequila for a Mexican destination.

  • Flip flops: Liquid courage can only help so much. Some people will seem to find any excuse available to avoid the dance floor, the most favored of which being 'I can't dance in these heels!' By offering cheap flip flops (which usually will cost less than $3), you can eliminate even the strongest arguments and make sure your guests are comfortable on the dance floor all night long.

  • Iconic totes: What's a goodie bag without a gift tote bag to hold the goodies? By utilizing black canvas totes (or white canvas tote bags, depending on preference), you can offer a durable, sustainable option for guests to take their mementos home in. Finding the right wedding tote bags is as simple as picking a base color (red canvas bags are also a popular favorite) and adding a design of your own: choose something unique to you and your new spouse's relationship, or stick with the theme and get creative! Wedding tote bags are customizable, reusable, and will definitely remind your guests of the wonderful time they had celebrating your union.

The average wedding sees around 136 guests -- with these affordable and fun gifts, you'll be able to make sure everybody gets a little piece of your Big Day to take home with them, and all without breaking the bank. Whether you're hosting a destination wedding in Tahiti or a small get-together in your own backyard, these items are sure to please.

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