Why There's No Invoice With Your Order

     One of my favorite sayings is this: Technology is great, when it works correctly!  In fact, I just said this to someone in regards to the "missing" invoice for their order.  I thought perhaps this would make a fantastic topic for a post, and here we are.

     Every time you place an order on our website, just like most every website now, you are sent an order confirmation via email.  This email serves not only to confirm that we have received your order, but also as your receipt.  Technology is great, right?  Ah yes, it sure is.  Until this order confirmation gets filtered into the junk bin of 95% of customer email boxes!  

     I understand the woes of junk emails, I have to weed through them just like everyone else.  Having attended college online and recently buying a home, I have had to submit my email address to roughly every single organization on the planet and they all have a mailing list. Yay!  However, I choose not to set my filters too specifically so that when I place an order online I will receive the communications from that company pertaining to my order.  You know, shipment notification, tracking info, etc.... all things I don't normally bother to look at, but it's nice to know they are there if I need to! 

     This brings me to the point I'm trying to make here.  These electronic notifications contain all the information we could possibly need to handle an order placed online.  You're not going to call FedEx and read them the tracking number on your package, you're going to click the link and get the info, right!  So WHY are companies still sending paper invoices in the box with the order??  Most companies still do, and it makes everyone expect it.  Some folks actually think it makes a company less credible if they don't receive that piece of wasted tree in with their $2 item from overseas...  I don't get it! 

     We, as a small company, try our best to conserve our resources and we still go through a LOT of paper every year.  We've streamlined as much as possible and cut down considerably compared to two years ago, but it's still quite a bit and that's without including a paper invoice with orders.  That would be at least one sheet of paper for every single order we ship, on top of what we already have to use!  That seems like it would just create more waste, do you agree? 

     Admittedly, it's not all about the environment, it's also a little about cost.  Paper is not cheap!  But in this world where straws are the enemy and plastic bags are taboo, why do folks still feel they've been cheated if they have to go search their junk emails for a receipt?  Well, we are doing our part to end senseless waste of resources, and if you need to you can always call customer service and have us send you another copy of your receipt via email.   

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